photo by: Søren Degn

The Copenhagen- based singer Josefine Skov, a.k.a. Kara Moon flatters us with pop melodies and electronic beats. After her song “Your Love” release in 2016 today, on 19. February 2018, we are more than happy to premiere her touching new single “Insensitive”.

The world Kara Moon constructs through her music is complex, conflicting and overflowed with emotions like human affection itself.

“Insensitive” is a song about denial and suppression of your feelings for someone because it sometimes seems easier to shield yourself than to deal with love and maybe getting hurt. The melody, as well as the production, is dreamy, hopeful and romantic which contrasts to the phrase “I’m insensitive to your love” and emphasizes this emotional oppression” – says Josefine about the song.

Oh yes, love demands courage! Courage to say “yes” to your true feelings and to find the strength to deal with love, to embrace the unknown rather than trying to control it. The melody alone lets us sink into a restful and peaceful reality which touches and fills our hearts with its pulsating rhythm. Kara Moon made the organic beat by manipulating natural sounds which reflect again the denial of true feelings by suppressing and controlling them.

The melody is so much more beautiful and hopeful than the imagined conception of being insensitive which is reflected in the lyrics and draws us immediately deeper into a different reality looking for those emotions that lie unconscious somewhere. Do not miss Kara Moon when she will be playing together with drummer Sara Mouritzen in Aarhus on the 24. February 2018 at the electronic festival SPARK at Radar.

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