“I know a place”, Line Bøgh‘s new single from the album “Like Fire Like Fire”, takes you to a world with no restrictions and opens new ways to discover the uncovered paths of your daily life.

Having our daily routines is good. It gives us structure and something to rely on. But sometimes routines also keep us back from exploring and discovering something new. So, what if suddenly, you’d surprisingly meet your own Alter Ego that shows you a completely new direction? A world where everything is possible? You could explore new paths and most probably also new sides of yourself. Sounds exciting? That’s also what Line Bøgh thought and shared with us with her new single “I know a place”.

But not only the track’s lyrics trigger our imagination and engage us to stop for a second, in order to open ourselves to a new way of thinking and leave our maybe too set in stone routines. The story also influenced the video of “I know a place”. Reminding of the 80’s and video concepts like AHA’s “Take on me”, it features animated visuals by the Danish artist Christian Gundtoft. To make the video as vivid as possible, Christian hand-drew 2000 frames and also directed the video.

This new way of storytelling doesn’t stop with the video for the lively and inspiring song, that as always lives from Line’s soft, but very special voice. Also, for the upcoming live shows, Line and Christian developed a totally new concept. They integrated the visuals in the concerts so that the audience will not only listen to Line’s lyrics but also dive into the stories by looking at the visuals at the same time.

As Line Bøgh usually plays her shows in very intimate locations, her upcoming tour will let us come very close to her thoughts and emotions which she shares with us by voice and visuals. Curious? Then get your tickets for her upcoming tour, which is very happily presented by Good because Danish!


21.02.2018 – Lübeck (DE): Tonfink (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
23.02.2018 –  Magdeburg(DE): Strudelhof  (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
24.02.2018 – Kiel (DE): Prinz Willy (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
12.04.2018 – Berlin (DE): Kugelbahn (+ visuals)
13.04.2018 –  Eckernförde (DE): Spieker (+ visuals)
17.04.2018 – Zittau (DE): Kronenkino (+ visuals)
18.04.2018 – Chemnitz (DE): Lesecafé Odradek (+ visuals)
19.04.2018 – Dredsen (DE): Wulbert’s Cafe und Bar (+ visuals)
20.04.2018 – Chemnitz (DE): Wohnzimmer (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
21.04.2018 – Ranis (DE): Literatur- und Kunstburg (+ visuals)
22.04.2018 – St. Peter Ording (DE): Café Instinkt (+ visuals)
06.06.2018 –  Leipzig (DE): Bei Hempels auf dem Sofa
08.06.2018 – Berlin (DE): Mastul (+ visuals) – event on Facebook
09.06.2018 – Hamburg (DE): Komm Du (+ visuals)
10.06.2018 – Bielefeld (DE): Noch jemand Wein (+ visuals)

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