There seems to be no end to cold and wet and the grey foggy winter lately. The days that are getting longer make the coldness seen even deeper creating an inner coldness. Somehow it reminds me of losing a great love; the feeling of emptiness sometimes burdens the whole body. In other words, it is the perfect time to dive deep into this emptiness and to get carried away by “Ebony” Blaue Blume’s latest single of the EP “Sobs”. Its accompanying video embodies the felt sense of solitude that enters with the disappearance of the loved one.

We do not have to wait long and Jonas Smith, with his distinct, soaring and beautiful voice fills us with warmth and hope, full of nostalgia. Dreaming of early days of spring but still tired and washed out “Sunlight is always a horror” wanting to hole up “in dreams I let you cover” instead of feeling joy and energized “don’t want to wake up to know how it´s like without you”. Being torn between “want to make new friends” and not wanting to let go.

The solitude and the back and forth between craving for companionship and feeling energized will get even more heartbreaking when watching the video directed by Daniel Charluck Garrelts. The contrast is unfolded not merely as light and greyness but also in resting and gracefully dancing bodies.

Listen to “Ebony” on Spotify and watch the shattering video clip to the song on YouTube.

Do you want to see Blaue Blume live? You can catch them in Denmark beginning of this year with two concerts at Frost Festival 2018 in February.

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