We are one ear in 2018, another – still in 2017, enjoying the releases from the end of the past year a lot. One of them comes out from an artist, who charmed us from the very first listen of his single “In and Out of Love” – Vera. If you’d like to find out what “love from first sight” means in music, listen to Vera’s EP “Good Job No Conversation”.

You may recognize the name, Vera, if not from his own music, then from the fact that he produced MØ’ latest EP “When I Was Young”. The touch of his style can be heard there and it blooms in its full on his own release. “God Job No Conversation” is a musical equivalent of a love story taking place somewhere in Italy (at least that’s the image in my head while listening to the EP).

The first two songs sound like a delicate interlude. First look, first touch, first kiss… especially the earlier mentioned single “In and Out of Love” creates a very sexy, very intimate mood. Vera shows the listener different faces of love and different faces of his music. There are lighter, joyful tunes like “Nobody Else”, more sensual ones like “Life Round Here”. Here and there you can feel the almost blissful vibe, like while listening to “Antananarivo”.

In each of the songs, there is this very special, yet practically indescribable (at least for me) element, which makes them… the Vera songs. You can hear it especially in my personal favourite from the EP- “Falling” (feat. Okay Kaya). The mix of nu jazz, sophisticated pop and this sort of lazy, sort of sexy, sort of cool vibe coming out of the songs makes “Good Job No Conversation” a lovely feast for your ears.

Vera is one of the artists who will represent Denmark at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival in the Netherlands in January 2018. Denmark is the Focus Country of this year’s edition of ESNS. At Good because Danish we are 100% sure that Vera is a perfect choice to show the variety and quality of Danish music to the international audience.

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