There is as much girl power in Velvet Volume‘s music as possible AND more, which we at Good because Danish totally adore. The sister-trio keeps on rockin’ with the new song “Fire” and will definitely win the hearts of an audience at Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival (ESNS) tomorrow!

The natural, wild freedom of expression mixed with the graceful teasing of vocals – that’s Velvet Volume. They prove it once again with “Fire”. Their rock is catchy, yet not cheesy. You can hear that the girls just want to be able to play the music. In times of so much confusion, fear and anger, I think we need more music like what we can hear in “Fire”. We need pure, unstoppable rock sound. A sound which doesn’t look behind its back, doesn’t settle, is not scared of judgement. 

“Fire” really has… well, the fire. As I was always in love with the sound of a bass guitar, that part catches my attention the most, gives the song a very sharp background. And by the way, if anyone ever tells you that a girl can’t be a good drummer – well, show them Velvet Volume‘s music. I’m just sayin’. 

Velvet Volume starts their adventure at ESNS in the Netherlands already tomorrow, 17. January 2018. We’re sure they will show to the international audience, that Denmark can rock! The band is part of the wide DK line-up, as Demark is the focus country at this year’s Eurosonic Festival. 

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