The Radar Post has been under the radar of Good because Danish for the past few months. Indeed, the recently released songs “Pilots” and “Lifeline” received so much great feedback from different publications and music lovers all over Europe, that we couldn’t stop wondering what Esben Svane would share next.

“My Crooked Posture” is another stripped down live outtake from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. There’s something special about songs that are somber and hopeful at the same time, and My Crooked Posture” hits the spot just right. The past few years I’ve been a submarine, scouting from the deep I’ll ascend into the blue…” reflects Esben.

It is heartwarming to see Sebastian Vinther in the video, Svane’s former bandmate from A Friend In London, who contributed massively to The Radar Post by recording and mixing the sound.

The long-anticipated album is called A Good Adjustment To Reality” and it’s out on 2. February via Nordic Music Society. Likely, the subject of illusion vs. real life is going to be a central theme throughout the whole record. In our interview, The Radar Post listed Radiohead as a major inspiration, and you can definitely hear it in his new music. Just like Radiohead’s, it is contemplative, slightly melancholic and, of course, always beautiful.

Check out “My Crooked Posture”, live at RDAM, below, as Good because Danish is happy to premiere it for you today.

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