Once in a while, it happens that a song comes your way, which is so hauntingly touching, so deeply moving, that it makes you fall apart and feel at home at the same time. This is how we feel while listening to “I En Fremmed By, a new single from Sara Futtrup, which Good because Danish has the pleasure to premiere for you today. 

“The song “I En Fremmed By” is slow and psychedelic with a lot of pauses and silence. When you let yourself sink into it you’ll be led to another place. It’s written out of a longing to get away, traveling and embrace the world. Instead the journey becomes an experience of anonymous hotels and feeling alienated. 
In this sense there’s an obvious common theme with the artist Kristine Hymøller who made the video and work with human beings in relation to architecture. “I En Fremmed By” is filmed in a new constructed, anonymous satelite-city. The private, safe and homy room of sleep is placed in a public room, where the facades of the houses are like strict geometric settings without traces of human beings.” – says Sara about the new song and video clip.
The silence in the new Sara Futtrup’s song says as much as the sound and vocals and becomes a wonderfully used instrument. The minimalistic structure of the song really catches an ear. Instead of waterfalls of sounds, Sara charms the listener with musical modesty. Her singing reminds raindrops falling on the window on an autumn day and then floating down on the glass. It’s almost hypnotizing to listen to them, as it is to watch the rain. 
If you ever feel lonely, “I En Fremmed By” is a song that – maybe in a bit twisted way – can give you comfort. By showing, that the feeling of solitude and “not fitting” is present in other people’s lives and sometimes can’t be truly expressed by us, but for that, we have the music. 
Sara Futtrup will release her debut solo album in March and we hope to find more gems like “I En Fremmed By” on it. In the meantime, we dive into her new single knowing it might make us share a tear, but it will be a good cry. Join us.

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