To say that Scarlet Pleasure has been productive the past year would be an understatement – the trio from Copenhagen barely took any breaks between spoiling us with some quality pop tracks.

“Good Together” which was released as a single in autumn 2017 should have come with a warning: the song is so catchy, it will get stuck in your head for days. Turns out, there was more to come.

Good Together” was followed by an EP “Lagune” with 4 other tracks that are just as brilliant and just as catchy. It’s not at all surprising that Scarlet Pleasure happened to be the most popular band on the Danish radio in 2017 – surely even the gloomiest day would be brightened up by the track “Nirvana”.

The most striking thing about “Lagune” EP is the strange balance between serious lyrics and upbeat melodies. The tracks sound cheesy but they are not. Take “Unreliable”, for example: Do you ever get unreliable? Before you pass out drunk on the floor, shining like a Tiffany, do you ever think of me?”

Gaffa nominated “Lagune” as Danish release of the year, Scarlet Pleasure as Danish band of the year, and the aforementioned song “Good Together” as Danish hit of the year. So, if you’re digging the EP as much as we do, you can vote here.

Scarlet Pleasure is among many Danish acts who will play at Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival in the Netherlands in January 2018. Denmark is the Focus Country of this year’s ESNS. Northern Europe may get pretty cold during winter, but don’t let this stop you from going – we guarantee that Scarlet Pleasure will warm you up in no time!

Check out “Lagune” EP on Spotify.

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