Sleep Party People is experiencing an extreme overdose of gigs at the moment. But we did it! We managed to get through to Brian Batz, who was so agreeable and answered our questions we had asked him. Have a look at this short interview, that reveals some captivating facts about one of Good because Danish favourite Danish musicians. Don’t forget to follow the bunnies on their tour! We are already counting down to Sleep Party People’s invasion of Gdańsk and Warsaw in Poland. See you there.

Rabbits, because… I wanted to do something different visually live. Also because rabbits are cute.

Sleep is… necessary, freaky and at times really psychedelic.

Party is… fun and overrated at the same time.

People are… Scary. Generally, I think people are scary and weird. I try not to think too much about it because it freaks me out. But look at the world situation. Manmade issues all-over.

I make music about… whatever comes to mind. I try not to overthink what I write about. To me, it needs to feel right, so I’m aiming for that feeling of “ah this feels nice and satisfying”.

I am inspired by… Most things in life.

The last thing I laughed at was… A story my girlfriend told me. She’s really funny and she always makes me laugh.

The main concept behind SPP’s new album was… I wanted the album to sonically sound different than the three others. I was aiming to have a more rich and well-produced sound. More organic and dynamic elements and then I really wanted to use a lot of time on the lyrics, which I haven’t done before. Also, I wanted the vocal to stand out and cut through in the mix. Just to add a more human feel to it, I guess.

My favourite song from “Lingering” is… because… “Odd Forms” is my favourite song. I think it feels special to me because it was the first song that I finished for the album and it pretty much gave the rest of the album the direction I was aiming for.

The best album of 2017 for me is… “A Crow Looked At Me” by Mount Eerie.

Sleep Party People is coming back to Poland because… I love playing in Poland. Maybe the best audience in the whole world.

The song that describes 2017 is… “Slow Down” by Art Feynman because I think we all need to slow down a bit in these hectic times. Less stress and more awareness on how we feel and on how we need to respect and love each other as equals.

Plans for 2018… I’m gonna start with a well-deserved vacation in January after a one month tour and a good but stressful year. Afterwards, I think I’ll just start working on new Sleep Party People material. And I’ll, of course, go on another tour in 2018 and in-between those gigs, I’ll still work as a full-time producer and mixing engineer. Life’s good.

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