Apart from the fact that she is from the Faroe Islands and makes music, we know practically nothing about FRUM (aka Jenný Augustudóttir Kragesteen). But it doesn’t bother us at all because her latest release – “Let It” – is more than enough to get us interested. 

“The new single “Let It” is a song about free will and determinism. We are born of the world and we are born into the world, born of and into structures and rules that are already set. You could say that we have no influence or free choice to shape our lives but what then of free will? The song plays with the idea that even though the dice have been tossed and the world is made from structures and rules that are already set, the world is not complete and it is in this space free will can exist.” –  Jenný said about her new single for Good because Danish.

Through her latest work, Jenný impressed us with an artistic self-awareness that we have not seen for a long time from a newcomer. As it starts with the lyrics “Nature is constructed by Nature”, this song simply makes me feel happy to be alive and broaden my consciousness of who we are and what we mean in this beautiful world together. Although it is a work with a determined artistic vision, it creates a space for each listener individually. Where one’s interpretations let them draw different places.  You can follow the very Scandinavian music video and flawless choreography directed by Rannvá Káradóttir. After that, we recommend you to explore two more songs FRUM has released, “No Shapes” and “Birdstone (ft. Steso) likewise.

FRUM made a huge impression on us, so we arranged a little chat with Jenný and asked her a few questions about her music inspirations, connections with the motherland and plans for the future. Before you catch the answers, let yourself go straight to her music by watching the new “Let It” music video. There is a hugely varied approach taken here, and we simply urge you to dive in it right now.

Good because Danish: Could you tell us more about your project?

FRUM: The project FRUM is primarily music, film, and expression through the body. The person behind the project is me, Jenný Augustudóttir Kragesteen. I base my creations on components from old traditions and modern life, seeking to lead the audience into a universe where great questions of existence are asked, but not necessarily answered.
Besides FRUM I am studying philosophy at the University of Copenhagen. I grew up in the Faroe Islands, a group of relatively secluded Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where old traditions and modern life blend naturally. Growing up so close to breaking waves and green mountains have shaped me. I want to bring these blends and impressions into her project.

Where do you live and produce music?

Approximately I live in Copenhagen, but I lived on the Faroe Islands until I was 20 years old, so it is the Islands that have shaped me and my music. But for now, it has mostly been Copenhagen

What inspires you when making music?

I would say ‘curiosity’ is the essential word for my reason to express. I am very fascinated by the world, space, universe, and everything that follows. Why does anything exist? How does it exist? Does it exist? What is my part in all this? These are questions I ask myself several times every day.
So I think that the overall inspiration is curiosity.

When should we expect more songs from you?

I’m going to release one more song this year, and then I will focus on my album, which I want to become a full shaped creation.

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