WhoMadeWho - I Don't Know

These guys just know how to strike a cord and make music which moves not only your feet but also your brain to do some thinking. WhoMadeWho don’t stop creating and their newest single “I Don’t Know” is a proof that there is still a lot to expect from the trio.

Delicate, yet powerful new song from WhoMadeWho shows a side of their music which focuses on painting a musical portrait of self-doubts and sadness, rather than makes the listener dance. They are equally good in more calm performance, as they are in showing the crazy dance energy.

There is something exotic in “I Don’t Know”, something wild under the surface. But most of all, there is something tremendously sad coming out from each tune. The whole composition paints a picture of a lost man, sharing a tear. That tear is “I Don’t Know”.

WhoMadeWho has an ability to bring out strong emotions with their music. Most of the time, they are wrapped with more energetic musical coverage. This time, the listener feels like looking at a naked shape of the trio’s musical persona. There is no electronic to dress the core of the song, there are no synths or vocal modulation – there’s only a stripped down song. A song which will hunt the listener down for a long time. A song which seems perfectly fitting the madness and chaos in the world, which creates doubts about human nature, purpose and our personal struggles with all that insanity.

If you feel lost, if you have trouble dealing with the outside world, listen to “I Don’t Know”. It might not give you any answers, nor comfort, but it will surely make you feel that you’re not alone with your emotions and struggles.

You can listen to the new WhoMadeWho song via your favourite streaming service and see the video clip on YouTube.

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