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For someone whose national background isn’t even remotely Scandinavian, I do have some strong opinions about the Danish music scene. No longer able to keep these gems to myself, I created a playlist with some of my favourite songs made in Denmark.

I tried to balance English and Danish, old and new, fast and slow, so I hope that you like some of these as much as I do! Some tracks are well-known, some we have covered before.

I couldn’t resist adding A Friend In London (remember Eurovision 2011?) because they were the ones that started it all for me, and before them, I didn’t even know where Denmark was. Ulige Numre may have called it a day, but Carl Emil Petersen came through with a brilliant new album to fill the void. If you’re, like me, still bitter about them disbanding, “Kærlighed Kommer” will make you appreciate Carl Emil’s decision to go solo.

Bisse’s “Seks Hjerter” deserves its own post, but I’ll spoil it for you and say that while we at Good Because Danish are busy reviewing artists, this artist went and reviewed life itself. As you’ve probably gathered, he gave it the biggest rating – 6 hearts. Listen to the song to find out the reasons. I couldn’t have thought of a better band than Small Time Giants (also known as Greenland’s biggest treasure) to dilute First Hate and Lust For Youth’s contagious energy. Mew is a classic, The Radar Post and Virgin Suicide are about to release new albums, but it was their debuts that won me over.

Enjoy the playlist on Good because Danish’ Spotify channel and feel free to share your favourite Danish music with us!

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