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We are a generation of infinite possibilities. We can choose which career to take, where to live and most of us can choose to change their lives as often as they want. Most probably, this has to mean we also have infinite possibilities to choose our perfect partner. Different kinds of dating sites and applications around the globe give us a skyful of opportunities for dates, romances and for meeting the love of our lives – potentially. At least this is what some of us think and even more what marketing, magazines and yes, sometimes also the current society, want to make us think.

Line Bøgh, who has been very active during the past year with working on her new album, loves to look behind the scenes and to analyze phenomenons which we are all familiar with. Therefore it is not surprising that in her newly launched single “Give Sophie a Shot” she digs deeper into the world of online dating.

A quiet but intense song, which is visualized by a very scenic, but emotional video by Julia Spicina, takes us on a journey where the female protagonist is in love with a guy who is together with a girl called Sophie. Just wishing that Sophie would disappear, feeling a deep longing and the scaring love-sick’ish emotion of not being able to be with the guy you want to be, she tries to use online dating as a perfect way to distract herself. Isn’t is so, that the internet promises a wonderful world of new love possibilities? At least that is, what she hopes to find.

Many disappointing, annoying and even embarrassing dates later – where she finds herself sad, lame and a bit unfaithful to herself it seems to finally appear that the promise of love won’t be fulfilled just like that – even if there are a million online opportunities, it might not just happen any faster or any easier than it would in “real life”. Online dating doesn’t change any emotion into a true emotion just like that, as Line’s song and video show in a very eye-opening way.

In a typical Line Bøgh-way “Give Sophie a Shot” makes you relax, but thinking at the same time, as it has a relatively smooth melody, but a strong topic that has touched most of us in one way or another.

Being delighted by this calm, emotional and deeply human track, at Good because Danish we are really looking forward to hearing more from Line on 15. September, when her new album “Like Fire, like Fire” will be launched.

Let’s stay curious and excited to hear more new tracks from her soon! Additionally, those of you who live in Germany can look forward to seeing her back on stage in Germany soon as well. Have a look at the dates below and enjoy a “soundful” autumn with Line:

Line Bøgh – German autumn tour

15.10.2017: Passau – Kaffeewerk
16.10.2017: Munich – Trachtenvogl
17.10.2017: Wuppertal – Viertelbar
19.10.2017: Grevenbroich – Café Kultus
21.10.2017: Lüneburg – Samowar Tea & Records
22.10.2017: Krefeld – Blauer Engel
10.11.2017: Hamburg – Komm Du (+ Kamille Lindholm)
11.11.2017: Meldorf  – Bornholdt ( + Kamille Lindholm)

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