The Bronson Brothers - A Taste Of Salt

How would Depeche Mode sound like if they were a rock band from Scandinavia? I think the answer to this (somewhat strange) question is: they would sound a bit like The Bronson Brothers on their latest album “A Taste Of Salt”.

“Forever we end up together” – we can hear in the second song on the album: “Alone Together”. It’s a perfect sum up of The Bronson Brother’s music. At the first listen it may sound a little repealing, a little harsh and unapproachable. But if you give it a fair try, the songs suck you inside and don’t let go for a long time. Possibly forever.

The relationship with “A Taste Of Salt” album is not an easy one. You might want to walk away on the way. You might feel you’re not good enough to be in it. But in the end, the mix of rawness and smoothness, anger, despair and hope make you wanna go on with it.

The Bronson Brothers have the ability to tell their story in a colourful way – they make the music which is real, just like life is. Listening to “A Taste Of Salt” is an experience that covers a wide range of emotions, expressed in a sound of music which connects rock, shoegaze, industrial sounds and folk in a twisted, tangled way.

I personally both love and hate “A Taste Of Salt”. I feel disturbed and repealed by it, while at the same time I adore it and got addicted to it pretty fast and unexpectedly. The trick with The Bronson Brothers is – I can’t explain how they did all that to me with their music. Maybe the mystery is the key to understand their music. Or maybe the whole point is to let it free all kinds of emotions without trying to understand why.

Let The Bronson Brothers keep their secrets while letting out great music and check out what kind of emotions do “A Taste Of Salt” album wake up in you. Listen to it on Spotify.

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