Vesper photo by Tom McKenzie

photo by Tom McKenzie

Holiday time can be a great moment for artists to gather the strength for preparing an upcoming material. For us on Good because Danish is a time to look back and present new faces, which we weren’t able to show you before. Get ready for some electronic grooves delivered by the duo Vesper and their debut EP “Vesper”!

Debut tracks are a very important factor for the upcoming artists, when it comes to break through with their music in a wave of new sounds coming to us every day. Copenhagen-based duo Vesper is definitely an example of starting off on the right foot, as their debut single “Hollow” is a modern, supremely confident electronic-pop production. It gives us a wonderful taste of a flowing and light electronic vibes coming from the duo on their EP “Vesper”. The four-track effort delivers an atmosphere perfect for fans of Galimatias or FAE.

In the middle of vacations, Good because Danish got in touch with Nana Odderskær and Mikkel Sönnichsen and asked them a few questions about Vesper and their plans for the future.

Good because Danish: Who is hidden behind “Vesper” moniker?

Vesper: We are not trying to hide behind the moniker, but we figured out that the name Vesper was the perfect name for the project we started together. Vesper means “evening” in Latin and as we saw many parallels to the concept of the evening in our project, so we decided it would be a good name. The evening is characterized by being a transition between two extremes – night and day – and we liked the idea of our project living in the same space. We constantly try to evolve our sound and add new extremes to the already existing sound and vibe of our band and therefore we are also always in transition between two extremes.

Where do you live and produce music?

We both live in Copenhagen and produce and write all our music here. We have a studio in Nordvest, where everything happens now. Our first EP, though, was written in many places. The demo for “Hollow” was written in Iceland in the summer of 2015 while “Untitled (Black Poetry)” found its final stage in a small studio in Cape Town in the spring of 2016.

How would you describe your music in one short sentence?

We never really know how we want to sound until we hear it – you can say that we don’t make the music – it’s music that makes us.

What inspires you when making music?

Mostly each other. We have a lot of jam sessions together and all our songs are a product of that. We sketch something out quickly, change it, add something new, cut away most of it, add something new again and suddenly there is a song. On the first EP our approach was very much to write a demo of music that Nana then would write a song over, but now we find we make better music when we’re both involved in all parts of the songwriting.

When should we expect more songs from you?

October 2017. Maybe later, maybe earlier but we kind of have a deadline in that month.

An EP is an insight into the band’s outline, where we wish them a long-drawn career. Jump to Spotify to stream “Nox”.

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