Alive Festival 2016

Alive Festival 2016

August is here and we start the last part of summer – which is especially crazy and moody this year. What’s better to make the weather more bearable than going to a music festival? We can’t think of a thing that beats it ;)

That is why we looked into the summer music festivals calendar in Denmark and picked 3 August events for you to not to miss and to discover different parts of the country of LEGO; from many fascinating festivals happening across the country.

Check out what August has to offer in Denmark music-wise (and it has to offer A LOT!) and enjoy the summer time!


HAVEN Festival 2017
11-12.08.2017 – Copenhagen: Refshaleøen – Event on Facebook

Haven Festival 2017

“HAVEN is a two-day festival on August 11th and 12th at Refshaleøens industrial and wild setting with three main areas, all overlooking the city and harbor. To participate in HAVEN is not to be a passive observer, on the contrary you’re invited to guest a party where musicians, chefs, artists and brewers are working together in a crossover of disciplines, helping each other and inviting the guests to do the same.”

When members of The National team up with Danish music enthusiasts, the outcome must be stunning. And we are sure it will be at first edition of Haven Festival in Copenhagen! With The National themselves, Iggy Pop, Band Of Horses, but also DK gems like When Saints Go Machine or Kwamie Liv – the festival’s music line-up presents itself stunningly. The location – a CPH harbor – gives an additional amount of beauty to the whole concept and we can’t wait to see how it will work out for Haven Festival this year. A 2-day event is a perfect chance to visit Danish capital, experience some great music, food and beer and see the city in the summer.


RECession Festival 2017
18-19.08.2017 – Aarhus: Voxhall, Radar – Event on Facebook

RECession Festival 2017

“RECession is a festival that has its focus on music that is different, upcoming and has something unique to offer. Our greatest mission is to keep people cultured by presenting music for them that you won´t experience on every club around the corner. We like to challenge the listener and give them new inputs that sometimes will shake their grounds. The bands we represent are musicians that have something on their hearts, and we have focused on the performance of the acts, and how they choose to deliver their vibe or message.”

Aarhus is a home of many great musicians, SPOT Festival (which is one of Good because Danish favorite DK music events) and amazing venues. It is super great, that the city gets to host a summer event of the highest line-up quality in August. RECession Festival is a great place to experience famous bands, as well as newcomers, in a festival atmosphere which is more intimate than the big outdoor summer festivals, but still very festive. If Trentemoller himself is the headliner of the event, you know there is something good coming up. The line-up of RECession Festival is truly intriguing – with First Hate, but also international artists like British Toy and Finnish K-X-P. The musical mix will make the festival a special thing, we can already tell. And combining the music experience with Aarhus experience might be interesting too.


Alive Festival 2017
17-20.08.2017 -Thisted: festival area – Event on Facebook

Alive Festival 2017

“Alive Festival seeks to present the “must see” Danish artists of 2017, local talents and a few interesting international visits at our small intimate setting in an old park in Thisted, Thy. Come and enjoy the friendly homecoming atmosphere and meet people from all over the country in the bar and local food stands. We will also take you to the local brewery or to the beach for surfing, if you like.”

Thy is a district in northwestern Jutland in Denmark. This region is definitely worth getting to know and musicians from these sides are actively working to make the name “Thy” more familiar, through the Thy Music Collective. A great way to get to know the district and its atmosphere is to go to Alive Festival, an intimate summer festival in Thisted. With a wide selection of Danish bands in the line-up (Thy own Quick Quick Obey, Blondage, Sekuoia, Lowly or School Of X – to mention just a few), spiced up with international acts like Canadian Timber Timbre – Alive Festival shapes up to be quite an affair in August. The festival already marked its place on the summer music events map of Denmark, so we’re sure if you visit it, you’re guaranteed to have fun and a great time!

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