Sleep Party People - Lingering

A magical, one of the most internationally recognizable names from Denmark and one of a kind project of Brian Batz – Sleep Party People – has returned this month with a brand new album “Lingering” a mesmerizing, multidimensional piece of music.

The characteristic rabbit mask and as characteristic music scenery created by the songs – slightly off, slightly untouchable, yet very intimate – that’s what comes to my mind when Good because Danish thinks – “Sleep Party People”. With the new album, Brian Batz confirmed once again that his mind is full of wonderfulness and quirkiness, which can charm a patient and open listener. If you give your time and attention to “Lingering”, you will experience a great soundtrack to your daydreaming.

The new Sleep Party People’s album contains 12 songs, from which it is extremely hard to pick favorites. “Lingering” is a whole that shouldn’t be split into pieces. You can also notice a perfect balance of what is known already as the “Sleep Party People’s sound” with a fresh approach to making music. The mix of noisiness and dream-pop feeling works really well, especially in combination with a sort of a retro vibe, exploring the roots of music, which can be heard in “Dissensions” for example.

This time Brian Batz – at least that is my impression – really lets the listener into his world. “Lingering” is, in my opinion, the most “welcoming” of all Sleep Party People’s releases and it feels very special to accept this invite. You can feel like entering a truly private places and emotions, when you hear songs like “Vivid Dream” or “Limitations”.

While listening to “Lingering”, your mind flows away into the place on the surface of the horizon, where the sun meets the surface of an Ocean in a gentle, but meaningful kiss. And you, dear listener, can observe it, carried on the waves of lazy sounds, mixed with blows of the noisy wind. You can really sail away with your thoughts, if only you let Sleep Party People’s music take you on the journey.

Listen to “Lingering” on Spotify.

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