photo by: Charlene Winfred / Red bull content pool

photo by: Charlene Winfred / Red bull content pool

This year’s Roskilde Festival is getting closer! We’re counting down days to it at Good because Danish and looking forward to seeing the Danish bands playing during warm-up days as well as the main festival event.

To get prepared properly to the most famous Danish summer festival, we decided to question some of the Danish acts from this year’s line-up about their Roskilde experience and recommendations.

We start with School of X – a project that swept us off our feet at this year’s SPOT Festival.

The music made by School of X is a mix of soul, jazz, dream-pop and sometimes – noise sounds, blended into one with the help of a characteristic, one-of-a-kind, sort of “lazy” vocals. The songs present various combinations of emotions from frustration, through resignation, to calmness and humble joy. But the biggest strenght of School of X is that once you start listening to the music, you lose track of time and sense of space. We all need it sometimes…

What are you looking forward to the most about this years Roskilde Festival (your own performance, other bands/artists, the feeling, the food, party?

Rasmus: I was at Roskilde Festival for the first time in 2005, so this is actually my 13th year in a row. And the 9th time I’m performing. BUT it’s the first time playing there with my own music, which will be a huge experience. Most likely a milestone in my life. So obviously I’m looking forward to that. Roskilde is for me one of the best festivals in the world, so the “Orange feeling” is definitely something I look forward to every year. If you want the Orange feeling in its purest form you have to visit the festival during the warm-up days.

Name the (3) artists you wouldn’t want to miss at this year’s festival – Danish and International.

I saw Freddie Gibbs with Mad Lip at Bonaroo Festival two years ago, that was really cool and I’d like to see him again. I’m a loooong time fan of Slowdive, so that’d be amazing not to miss. And then I’d definitely go see Warpaint and Den Sorte Skole!

What is your best Roskilde experience?

I had one of those nights where you end up dancing to world music orchestra from 1:00am to 4:00am all alone, maybe 7 years ago. That was magical. Embrace the music and the love.

Do you have any pro-festival attendee tips – for camping, food, music/stages and so on?

Be sure to loose power on your phone. This will help you be in the moment and enjoy the music and the people. Forget about everything that’s not next to you at the moment. That’s my best advice <3

25.06.2017 (Sunday): Rising Stage – 23:00

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