Norell - Roskilde Festival 2017

This year’s Roskilde Festival is getting closer! We’re counting down days to it at Good because Danish and looking forward to seeing the Danish bands playing during warm-up days as well as the main festival event.

To get prepared properly to the most famous Danish summer festival, we decided to question some of the Danish acts from this year’s line-up about their Roskilde experience and recommendations.

Today a trio Noréll shares their Roskilde experience and recommendations.

Noréll has set up a strong, characteristic tone for their songs from the very beginning. Their music is edgy, free and joyful.  It’s also edgy and has a strong impact on the listener – meaning that you won’t be able to sit down or stand still once you start listening to the songs! The band makes sure that the pop tunes they make are of the highest quality, but not “overdone”. And that’s a big strength of Noréll’s compositions. Live they sound amazing too, as we were able to experience at this year’s SPOT Festival.

What are you looking forward to the most about this years Roskilde Festival (your own performance, other bands/artists, the feeling, the food, party)?

Nichlas: This year’s festival is gonna be a real special one for us. Playing at Roskilde Festival is every Danish musician’s dream and of course ours too. We are looking so much forward to the whole thing. The feeling, the people, the music, the food and the booze!

Name the artists you wouldn’t want to miss at this year’s festival – Danish and International.

Nichlas: The Weeknd

Marie Louise: Mammut

Viktor: Justice

What is your best Roskilde experience?

Marie Louise: I went to see Björk at Roskilde Festival in 2007. She was performing at Orange Stage and it was raining so much. I was alone there and somehow I forgot the rain and just embraced it. It was a fantastic experience.

Viktor: That’s one of the great things about Roskilde Festival. You don’t always know what you get, but you always go back home with a lot of great new and unexpected experiences.

Do you have any pro-festival attendee tips – for camping, food, music/stages and so on?

Viktor: We certainly do. I’m planning to bring a lot of vodka and Kahlúa to my camp. So in the morning when you have a heartburn, you just go get some cold milk and bam! You have a nice and cold White Russian to start up with.

26.06.2017 (Monday): Countdown Stage – 21:30

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