Farveblind - Roskilde Festival 2017

This year’s Roskilde Festival is getting closer! We’re counting down days to it at Good because Danish and looking forward to seeing the Danish bands playing during warm-up days as well as the main festival event.

To get prepared properly to the most famous Danish summer festival, we decided to question some of the Danish acts from this year’s line-up about their Roskilde experience and recommendations.

We had a little chat with Farveblind – one of Good because Danish hopes of 2017.

Farveblind will tell you all about their music themselves, in a little video below. Don’t miss them playing, because we tell you – it’s a truly mind-blowing experience!

What are you looking forward to the most about this years Roskilde Festival (your own performance, other bands/artists, the feeling, the food, party?

Obviously playing! We’re looking so much forward to playing on that stage. We’ve seen many legendary concerts, where idols would nail epic shows, so we can’t really wait to do that ourselves.

But, with the whole picture in mind, we’re always looking forward to Roskilde Festival, because it’s such a nice time of the year, it’s almost marked as a holiday in our calendar. We have many great memories from the festival.

Name the (3) artists you wouldn’t want to miss at this year’s festival – Danish and International.

The line-up this year is quite peculiar in the sense of self-discovery – compared to Roskilde 2016, you would, at that time, find more major artists – commercial artist in a way – than this year. So you really have to dig in the playlists with your exploration and google and trust that the sound profile of Roskilde Festival is as unique and excellent as always. We must say: They have kept their agenda.

With a focus on Denmark, the line-up in the warm-up days is crazy good, we have a lot of friends playing who are really talented. There’s the old-school hip-hop from Monti, to the Viking soul from Mattis, to the soothing vocal from Ary, to the AyOwA’s intelligent pop.
In the main days the night party at Apollo, hosted by Av Av Av definitely is a must see!

Talking about international artists we’ve been looking forward to seeing our prime inspiration playing: Moderat/Mode Selector – that concert is going to be a three-hour long mekka of divines.

What is your best Roskilde experience?

We’ve had many! But one that really stands out happened last year. The final concert was NERO playing at the Apollo stage, and we were quite intoxicated. The thing about NERO is that is used to be dubstep, but they have made a genre-turn over to the more Techno’ish future house’y thing – which really falls in our favor.

Do you have any pro-festival attendee tips – for camping, food, music/stages and so on?

Leave any restraints at home – Roskilde Festival has sociologists coming every year, because they can’t figure out why people are so nice and open towards each other. Talk to people, you’d be surprised how many new friends you’ll make. Oh, and.. obviously.. remember loads of vibes.


27.06.2017 (Tuesday): Countdown Stage – 16:30

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