This year, for the 6th time, Good because Danish visited Aarhus at the beginning of May to celebrate music and get to know all there is to know about Danish music scene during SPOT Festival.

It took us a while to get our heads around all the great artists we managed to see – but here it is – Good because Danish sum-up of SPOT Festival 2017!

SPOT Festival 2017 by ANNE SOFIE

I’m a big fan of SPOT Festival, and my love for the festival has not decreased since this year’s edition. This is mostly because of the music, but also because of the location: Aarhus, which is a beautiful Danish city with a lot of beautiful people. Other than that, Denmark gave us a really nice weather, so everyone had the whole summer vibe going – it was great.

This year I’m all about the women, regarding my chosen highlights. I’ve chosen to highlight the young, upcoming artist, Ericka Jane and the well-known, but always surprising (in a good way), Lydmor.

Both artists performed at Voxhall which is a location I really love because it’s a dark and gloomy and you really get a good, intense connection with the artist who is performing.

I’ve admired Ericka Jane’s music (and especially her music videos) and image via Instagram and her other social media platforms, and it was a pleasure to see her live on stage. Her vocal is great live, and I could not agree more with my colleague Arletta on her exclamation when she saw her: “She’s the Danish version of Rihanna” Loved her look, loved her vocal (just as recorded), and the way she handled a “mess-up” during her newest single. She was cool, calm, and sang her way through the whole thing – with a little help from a bundle of fans on the front row, who knew all her songs by heart.

I haven’t really heard a lot of Lydmor’s music – only what has been played on the radio. One of my other lovely colleagues, Paweł, had planned to see her perform, and I thought: “Okay, why not?” (Paweł had dragged me to another concert with a band I’m not that fond of, so I was a bit skeptical about his choice of music (it’s all jokes :)). And I was MIND BLOWN! Her whole performance (she had glowing body pain, just saying!), vocal and vibe really caught me, and now I listen to Lydmor every single morning. She is really good at expressing herself through her music, and you really feel, what she feels – or rather: she makes you feel, what she wants you to feel, whether it’s anger, lovesickness, sadness, happiness or “what-the-hell-just-happened”-ness. I will definitely be keeping an eye on her and where she will be performing next!

SPOT Festival 2017 by PAWEŁ

SPOT Festival – a celebration of music, art, talks and delicious beer – made my debut to visit Denmark for the first time. A trip (partially by SPOT bus) took more than 10 hours from Poland. Although I was feeling tired, the vision of seeing Aarhus, hearing live Danish artists on the very first day of the festival, got me very excited. I stopped for pictures on every street, inside every venue, while I was enjoying every moment of it. I was – and still am – really impressed about the infrastructure, well-designed buildings, venues, Danish beers and a great number of people queuing up to enter the festival venues. But yet the music impressed me the most. I enjoyed every show I chose.

I was especially delighted by a powerful concert of First Hate. I knew that their songs are danceable, joyful and melodious, but didn’t expect such expression on stage. They infected the audience. Still, I have before my eyes the show of Lydmor, she nailed it! I really appreciate artists who always try to broaden the listener’s perception. Like IRAH, Teitur and Konni Kaas did as well. I also have to mention the AV AV AV show. It is not exactly my cup of tea, but definitely, they impressed me a lot. Some amazing light effects, madness, and good acoustics intensified such positive feelings even more.

It was clear from the start that the festival organizers have taken the time to really think things through. I still can’t find any appropriate words to describe how great experience it was for me. Do I think about coming back to SPOT Festival next year? Absolutely!

SPOT Festival 2017 by ARLETTA

It was my 6th SPOT Festival this year. Wow, how does the time fly! Another year of amazing music experience. This year my attention got caught the most by the bands which played more “natural” music. There was a hunger in me for music played on real instruments (even though I am a huge fan of electronic music). The concert of

The concert of Get Your Gun presenting new material gave me chills, even though the band sounded less “angry” as on their debut album. Kellermansch has truly shown how to rock. Powerful, almost over-emotional performance was a definite highlight for me – especially because of hearing “Mediocre Man” live. And Mantua. Oh may! I must say, I’ve been to many concerts in Denmark, but hardly ever saw such enthusiastic audience. The reason for that was for sure – great, alive and well-thought out music and the fact that those guys really, REALLY enjoyed playing together. Looking forward to another chance to catch their live show! My last personal highlight was an intriguing show of School of X, which we caught at MXD Superball day event. What an energy was coming out of that stage when they played! Definitely made me want to hear more.  It was a great pleasure to witness the concerts of those acts and much more!

We always remember the last edition as the best one, I guess. But this year the organizers of SPOT Festival have truly outdone themselves.


See how SPOT Festival 2017 looked for us – watch the sum-up video clip on YouTube and check out the gallery. SPOT – see you next year! <3

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