Mantua - Mantua II EP

Mantua – the new Danish super-trio – consisting of Turboweekend, Dúné and VETO musicians – is in a really productive mood lately. Right after the release of a debut EP, they bring a new one – “Mantua II”. And you know what? It’s just a piece of music we needed in these crazy (weather- and otherwise) times.

Why? Because Mantua delivers songs which are real, honest, straight forward and… for me – calming. There is no unnecessary weirdness, no overwhelming arrangements, no fake creation, no forces musical image. Just three guys who simply love playing music (which could’ve been seen during their concert at SPOT Festival 2017); three guys who together found their own, fresh and original sound; three guys who have something to say with their songs, but they don’t scream it, don’t “overdo” it. Just get together, play, record, release and let the music take it from there.

In my case, the music has really spoken on Mantua’s second EP “Mantua II”. Both with a very classic (but not boring!) guitar sound, which has just enough laziness as it has the power and with the lyrical side of the compositions – sharp, wonderful and thoughtful.

Four songs from “Mantua II” EP made it impossible to pick just one favorite. Each of them is like a drawer of a cupboard, filled with wonderful pieces of porcelain. Everything inside is set up with good taste, as well as practically. From melodic “Any Way You Slay” (the scratchy guitar sound – perfect!), through “Lies” with an indie music vibe, the hypnotizing “Life in the Sun”, to melancholic “Come Home”Mantua takes the listener on a journey through different shapes and colors of their sound.

One thing is for sure left after the journey with the trio – the feeling that #mantuasound is something different from anything else you’ve heard so far. Which is even better when it’s made by three established musicians. You can hear they really wanted something new and fresh to come out from the project. and they made it. However, it’s also sort of familiar, warm and feels safe. A very promising combination.

Don’t miss the “Mantua II” EP – it is really something different. I’m coming back to listening to it – for yet another time. I have the feeling it won’t be the last one.

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