Julie Ellinor - Voyage EP

Browsing through new music is always exciting. When it comes from your favorite bands, then it is long awaited and you are very curious, but you know more or less what you can expect. Then you often enjoy listening to new things, but don’t really start to dig in any deeper. But then, there are these moments, when you browse through new music and suddenly, when a new, unknown track starts, you feel like “oh hey, wait a minute, who is this?!” – so it happened with me and Julie Ellinor.

Right after hitting the play button for her debut EP “Voyage” I was hooked and wanted to hear more. And yes, I admit, she is inspired by Tina Dico and I like Tiny Dico – so it sounds somewhat easy, but there is more. There is something very special about Julie’s voice and the atmosphere she creates with her songs.

Even if it is not new what Julie does – it relates to folk, it’s guitar-based and the songs are inspired by her thoughts and conflicts – it soon becomes very clear, that we are hearing something special here. It isn’t only Julie’s voice, the melodies or the lyrics of the songs – but it is the very round, smooth mix of it all, that makes us stay with her. This combination is something that a lot of people try to do, but not many manage to really let you feel their personality. Julie does.

Her music is perfect for a moment of reflecting, for a moment of relaxing and hey, why not also for a moment of joy, as many of the tracks come with an eased and rather light vibe.

Songs about the little things, about situations and relations between people can be easily connected with your own life and through changing the tempo and atmosphere – from uptempo to ballad – Julie’s music is the perfect companion for many different moods.

Curious? Then check out Julie Ellinor’s debut EP “Voyage” on Spotify.

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