Silent People

No one can pass by the Silent People’ single entitled “Catch Your Baby’s Breath” without noticing its awesomeness. The release date for this new song is today and we’d love to share it with you: because it’s beyond everything that’s considered as good; because every Danish music enthusiast should definitely add it to her/his playlist.

After the release of their debut album “Yours Truly”, Morten Juhlsen, Kasper de Haan, Nikolaj de Haan and Per Rødgaard (the members of our beloved progressive electronic rock band Silent People) delight us again with the new single, and to what extent! They cross the line of curiosity, structure, experimental performance and improvisation. Sounds like a perfect combination, right?

It’s not only the song,  it’s also the music video that turns everything upside down. Though the 360-degree video concept is rather well known, it’s pretty rare to create a music video in this format. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to the new ‘underground’ release which has been recorded in one of the bomb shelters located in CopenhagenYou may feel a bit claustrophobic or even insecure while watching the video clip. But isn’t it a nice feeling, an impression that you actually experience something in music? There is something about this music video – it’s like you can control it but still, you get overwhelmed by its intimacy and, on the other side, by its openness to unlimited sounds.

If you, our dear listener, are fed up with routine and conventional tracks – here’s our answer to your hidden needs!

To get more information about Silent People – visit their website and watch the video clip to “Catch Your Baby’s Breath” on YouTube.

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