Lowly - Heba

Occasionally, there is a true music gem coming our way. A gem that is so hauntingly beautiful to us, that we almost feel like it was made just for our ears. Lowly‘s debut album “Heba” is such a gem.

A search, a run, a constant movement – all of it is there on “Heba”. From the first to the last song, the album forces the listener to think. To really think about whatever we tried to push deep inside us. All that comes back to the front with a great strength while we are listening to Lowly‘s release.

Listening to “Heba” feels like looking into Lowly’s world through a kaleidoscope. The band shows us a rich color palette of their Universe. Each of the songs from the album can be seen as a musical representation of a color. From a deep blue (“Deer Eyes”), through a cold green (“Cait #2”), a shining silver (“No Hands”) and disturbing red (“Word”) to a warm and bright yellow (“Look at the Sun”). The listener can mix and match them the way which is most needed at a moment, painting a very individual picture of the inner self.

“Heba” challenges us to really look deep into our souls. It also guides us to do it and creates a background to a very personal, intimate conversations. With ourselves, with someone who we need to have a long, open talk, with the world that we live in.

Lowly managed to give us an album that is a magnificent masterpiece with their own trademark in the sound, but also – which has the ability to become the album belonging to each of the listeners. It feels like the band wrote the music specifically for me, who is listening to it at this very second, at this specific moment in my life. The ability to create such feeling is what makes “Heba” special.

Give it a listen on Spotify and see if it’s an album dedicated to you.

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