Artwork by Morten Overgaard

Artwork by Morten Overgaard

There is no better time than the beginning of March, to start warming up and making plans for the summer. The new song from The Attic Sleepers – “Leopard” – will definitely be a great soundtrack to do so!

When a song catches your ear from the very first sound you know that it is special. When the soft, dreamy vocals and trumpet tunes mix into one wonderful, colorful fountain of sounds, you know that the “Repat 1” button was invented for exactly such songs.

All that (and more) made us listening to The Attic Sleepers’ new single “Leopard” countless times already and made the song a “Spring is around the corner” anthem. If you give it a listen, we’re sure your feelings will be the same.

The lightness of the music and vocals in “Leopard” brings up the warm, fuzzy feelings of spring and summer times, when the world seems to be a nicer place, the mornings are more joyful and evenings – full of hope and dreaming. The brightness is there in the song, yet there is also enough space for gentle, delicate melancholy coming out of the music. Which is a skill that The Attic Sleepers perfected – combining joy with melancholy in a charming, natural way.

The Attic Sleepers will be on tour around Denmark in March and April and if your path crosses with theirs, you should definitely check them out live! For those of us who won’t be as lucky, the only thing to do is to wait for more new music and more tour dates. In the meantime, find that “Repeat 1” button and listen to “Leopard” on SoundCloud or Spotify.

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