March The Moon - Pulsar EP

A new EP from March The Moon seduces with delicacy and mystery. Like a truly sexy woman, who just passed you by on the street. Even such a short meeting leaves a mark on you. So will “Pulsar”.

March The Moon mesmerized us with his earlier release “Firsts”. Now it’s time to enter his Universe of soft, smooth, ambient electronica with an EP. “Pulsar” delivers five high-quality tracks, building an atmosphere of a peaceful journey through space.

When you have the need to really drift away for a bit, to meditate and put things in your head in order, “Pulsar” is the right soundtrack. It really paints a musical image of space, it’s almost like being an astronaut, traveling in a rocket and seeing all of the wonders from up close. It makes you think, it makes you admire the Universe we are just a small part of. It makes you feel amazed and melancholic at the same time.

There are releases which can’t be really described and no words will truly express the feelings that the music creates. March The Moon recorded such release. No matter what we’ll write in here, there is no way that we fully explain what we feel while listening to “Pulsar” EP.

The only thing we can do now is to recommend you – find a peaceful moment during your day, focus on the music and give March The Moon a listen. It will be time well spent.

Listen to “Pulsar” EP on SoundCloud or Spotify.

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