LHUMA - She Knight Rise

Great Danish music flows to us almost every day, sometimes we have to skip many great acts among the others equally good. Occasionally it happens to us, but it actually does – the point when some extraordinary stuff is overlooked. This time we dug up a real treasure for your listening pleasure. It’s Lhuma!

Lhuma is the moniker of an Aarhus-based singer-songwriter Marie-Louise Grund Petersen. Lhuma’s first album “She Knight Rise” was released in November 2015. Shame on us, that we didn’t notice this piece till now. But definitely, you should dive into her music disregarding elapsed time.

It impressed us a lot, that she has composed, arranged and recorded the album by herself, mainly in her own home. She was willing to transform her inner emotions into music and to capture that moment of ultimate momentum, and distil it forever. That’s the way how dreams come true. “The album is very inspired by the themes that follow when you dare to listen to your inner dreams, dare to take the steps demanded – to believe in – and fight for – your dreams.” – says Marie-Louise Grund.

Each of the 10 songs collected on “She Knight Rise” album shows different music inspirations of the whole story while expanding the horizons of listener’s imagination.

Unfortunately, it is a common thing nowadays, that passionate and ambitious music is the hardest to sell. Thus, Lhuma might’ve not got as many listeners as she should have.

We didn’t come across anything more emotionally affecting in a long, long time. “She Knight Rise” carries a universal message: raise above the weaknesses, make use of the strength that comes from innermost dreams.

I walked into her world and I feel that I’ve got something dear out of that trip. She makes this kind of music that cannot be forgotten right after passing the finishing line. I have to say that’s not easy to distinguish one or two songs from the album. They are different but connected by a strong transparently dreamy bond at the same time. I could continue to stack adjective upon adjective to describe the magical arrangements Lhuma did, being armed with the kind of vocal that extends the process of being mentally stimulated. Thus, that’s the reason why I was blinded by the brilliance of this treasure so far.

Lhuma is now working on a new material with the two producers – Aske Bode (from Bodebrixen) and Brian Batz (better known as Sleep Party People).

Play Lhuma’s music on Spotify and experience it for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and you’ll be as impatient as we are to hear her next song, coming out May 2017.

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