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As the first month of the new year was coming to an end, we took a long, deep look into our souls in GbD Team, to find out what we hope for the most in 2017. Musically, of course. Or to be more specific – what we think is really worth hoping for on Danish music scene this year.

The outcome of this inner search of ours can be found below. It’s not a traditional list of newcomers that you haven’t heard of yet. Some of the choices may surprise you. As 2017 might in general.

Check out what we wish for, hope for and who do we cheer for in 2017 at Good because Danish!


We follow Kill J from the very beginning when the single “Phoenix” came out and we can’t get enough of her. Last year she released a very good EP “Quasi” and we hope 2017 will be her year to really spread the wings and show the world what she’s capable of.

It’s not an easy time for women and Kill J has something more to offer than just good music – she offers strong voice and powerful representation of females all over the world. I really wish that she will speak loudly and be heard this year – with her potential and amazing voice, she deserves to finally shine like a diamond for real.



The last month of 2016 couldn’t get along without Rainbrother – a Danish quintet, and their hasty single “Break Out”. What’s more, they also played as a warm-up act before Palace Winter’s concert and that’s why it was kind of impossible not to notice them. Happily, Rainbrother didn’t slow down and in the beginning of 2017 enchanted us again, this time releasing a little bit nostalgic “Blue” song. Keep on going and we’re definitely waiting for more!



In GbD latest post under the title “From Denmark with R’n’B Love” I introduced you to the badass female rapper Anna Vigsø. Her lyrics are in Danish, but I still feel the urge to tell you guys about her (and the guys above), because I find them super important to the Danish hip hop/R’n’B scene!! Anna Vigsø gave us the EP “Under Overfladen” last August (2016) and hopefully she will give us more of her provocative, daydreamy, feminist hip hop – and maybe also more live performances (PLEASE) in 2017!

Anne Sofie


Almost four years without any concerts or new music from VETO, that was hard. But silence doesn’t mean split up! So, we are lucky enough to hear news from VETO this year, as they say. In their Facebook announcement they promised to reward their long silence and the recording of new stuff is in progress! So, isn’t that a good reason to stay positive for 2017?



2017 started strong for the Copenhagen-based trio: after performing at the famous Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival they finished their new EP “Hints” and released their new single called “Even Love”. In spring CHINAH is going on tour across Denmark and we look forward to seeing how that will go. The band is going step by step in direction of real greatness and we hope they will continue on this path in 2017!



After Tomas Høffding, singer and bass player of the band was very busy solo and with his project with Jenny Rossander, Lydmor & Bon Homme, and touring with WhoMadeWho a lot, it is time for a new album of the band. It is quite ready and to be expected soon in 2017. Isn’t 2017 exactly the year when we desperately need some heavy beats and new live music that will just make us go crazy on the dancefloor? We think it is, and partnering up with WhoMadeWho for that – what could be better? So please, new tracks, come to our ears soon!



Let us introduce you the new moniker of Martin Hedegaard, better known as Martin previously. When he was fifteen years old he won the first Danish series of the X Factor in 2008. Usually, we do not care about famous radio stars, who do not need our help and promotion to do big things at all. However, there are some exceptions. He didn’t really start to see his full star potential. SAVEUS has matured musically since the TV show. His amazing vocal skills remind me of such big legends like Freddy Mercury or Stevie Wonder. You can admire them now on a single “Will Somebody Save Us” promoting already released EP!



This Danish hip hop duo from Copenhagen – the two guys, Hans Philip (rapper) and Jens Ole McCoy (producer) – started the project in 2012 and recently (late in 2016) announced their “retirement” as in: they will (SADLY) not be doing music together as a duo anymore.

So what’s the reason why we’ve chosen to highlight the group and the two guys it consists of? It’s because of the intense lyrics which Hans Philip is so good at making up: you don’t just listen to it, bob your head and get on with life. You really feel the lyrics in your bones. To my great surprise, I’ve heard rumors that Hans Philip is working on another project with a Danish radio host which will be.. interesting.

Jens Ole provides the beats and tunes to Ukendt Kunstner’s hits – and he does it well! IF the guys don’t get back together in the perfect symbiosis which is Ukendt Kunstner, during 2017, we can still enjoy music from Jens Ole, since he is still producing! One of the latest things he has been working on is the soundtrack to the Danish movie “Underverden“.

Anne Sofie


We don’t forget about this experimental R&B duo consisting of Erika Casier & Andreas Waze. If you are digging into underground music more you perhaps recognize them. Saint Cava‘s first and to date the only one album “Bliss” was released in 2016. “Bliss” was and still is a very pleasant departure to the electronic-oriented and experimental sounds. Definitely, they’ve done a brilliant job and we still keeping fingers crossed for them. A few days ago they have released a brand new song “No One’s God” and we hope that’s the message announcing the upcoming material on 2017!



We felt for each other at once when Silvester released single “Ocean”. What a potential these guys have! That couldn’t be wasted – and it wasn’t. The following single “Black Hearted” smelted our earphones and the way they remade M.I.L.K’s “Following The Sun” was completely outstanding. Guys – we place big hopes in you in 2017!



Duo Farveblind was on my radar since 2016, but with their new single “Wasteful Talk” they really caught my attention. They are bold and seems like they have a vision of what they want to show musically. With the new single they create a new image of the project and we expect more songs coming from them in 2017, which hopefully prove that it’s not a band of one good single. Fingers crossed for you guys!


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