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The new year just started few weeks ago. It started a bit slow and as usually – in the first few weeks it is not very clear yet where the new year will lead us. But what could be better for getting back on track and starting into a 2017 full of Danish music, than kicking it off with the most exciting duo that Danish music scene offers at the moment? That’s what we thought! Luckily before watching the fulminant Munich show of Lydmor & Bon Homme on 14. January we also had the chance to sit down for a little pre-show-talk with them.

Curious what they are up to and how their latest Germany tour went? Then take a look at our interview with Jenny and Tomas.

Lydmor&Bon Homme interview Munich

GbD Author Simone in talk with Lydmor & Bon Homme in Munich

Good because Danish: Today is your last day of the Germany tour, how did it go so far?

Jenny: It went very good.

Tomas: Funny thing is, to be honest, I have even considered cancelling the tour. Mainly because this is our third tour in Germany. The first one was the “get-into-it”-tour, the next one was so that more people showed up than expected. And then we set up one more tour and then we got a bit afraid if we should better stop it because we have no new releases. But I am very happy we didn’t cancel it. Because just out of a sudden, people started buying tickets and we have had full houses till now.

Jenny: It was packed every evening. Nice surprise. Berlin was especially awesome.

As you mention Berlin, we heard that you have a very emotional relationship with that city. Now you are in Munich, so we are of course curious about your relationship with Munich?

Tomas: I have a strong relationship to Munich. My whole German career started in Munich as WhoMadeWho’s first label was Gomma, which is Munich-based and my first successful German concert was in Munich’s club Registratur, ten years ago. So, I have quite strong feelings for Munich. I have played here many times. It seems to me like Munich has quite a strong club scene.

Talking about being on stage – do you see any differences when being on stage as Lydmor & Bon Homme, compared to being on stage as solo-act or as part of WhoMadeWho?

Jenny: For me it is very different, yes. When I play as Lydmor I play all alone. And it is much more personal and also somewhat more cozy. It feels more “this is me and my things”. But then Tomas has this forceful and strong presence and it shows in his music. Therefore, the music we make is more dramatic and I get to be more dramatic. And I love to be dramatic. This is exactly the thing with me and Tomas which has been there from the very first time. When we go on stage, this crazy thing happens. We play around and it is just there. It just seems we complement each other stage wise, I think.

Tomas: Yes, I think so, too. For me it is also two very, very different things. Bon Homme has always been my softer outlet for the more melodic part of my musicality. It has always been the part that doesn’t fit into WhoMadeWho, because the band always consisted of three people and we have our own common space. But there is a big part of me that doesn’t fit in there, but it fits perfectly with Jenny. So, there is a big part of me that I get to live out here. Another important thing is, that I have been a bass player since forever and now not playing the bass at a concert is fun. And sometimes, with Jenny, we also use a drummer now, so I can just stand there and be a singer. This is very different. I think now, with Jenny, it is a warmer musical sound, with WhoMadeWho it is definitely way more macho. So, this is very different, in a very inspirational way. Playing with Jenny is like my soft place and for her it is maybe more her disco place – so we meet in the middle of a staircase where Jenny comes from a very emotional side and me from a very macho side. And the great thing for me is also, that especially after this tour, I have the feeling that I am part of something that evolves into something. Everyone can make an album, but actually going on a tour, meeting people who bought tickets to see your show and they listen to your album and know your songs – that gives you the feeling that it is not just you nursing your own ego. That is very important and I am extremely thankful for that. With WhoMadeWho the community with the fans started already years ago. Seeing that unfolding in the project with Jenny now again is very nice.

Yes, we also think it is very visible in your shows that you really click with each other on the stage.

Tomas: Yes, we have a very good chemistry. So, I am super happy to have both. WhoMadeWho has been going on so long and it is very safe, like it can’t go wrong. With Jenny, it is much more fragile, which is a good thing. I am really happy that I can have both, as otherwise I might miss something, but I have both and that is really perfect.

Jenny: I am also super happy to be out there with this project.

When talking about touring together, do you also have different routines when touring solo or with WhoMadeWho?

Jenny: Actually, I don’t have a lot of routines.

Tomas: This is a bit different – with Jenny it is more like sleeping in band apartments, while with WhoMadeWho it is more sleeping in fancy hotels. But we also have different routines when touring together. Jenny, for example, parties later. She is younger than me. I have been touring for decades and I just can’t party every night anymore. Even if it is actually an honor that people come to celebrate with you and you even feel bad if you can’t do it every night, but for me it is so that I can’t do that every evening anymore.

Jenny: I always tell myself I won’t party so long tonight, but then after the show I am so hyped up as it is always so nice to play and it gives you an adrenaline kick, you know.

Tomas: You have so much beautiful energy and are also so outgoing when meeting people and coming to a venue, which is nice.

Talking about the audience, do you see any difference between the Danish and the German audience?

Tomas: To be honest, no – it is kind of the same. I can see differences when you play, for instance, in South America or in Spain. But in general I see differences in the audience, depending on how well they know the band. Like if they come to check out a new band or if they really know the songs and when they bought the album and so. But otherwise no, Danish fans go also crazy, just as German fans.

Jenny: I think so too. I see big differences with the Asian audience for example because they don’t interact so much during the show, they are mostly watching. But there are not so many differences between German or Danish crowds.

This tour is coming to an end now, but do you already have an idea about your next steps together?

Tomas: Our next step is that we focus on our own stuff again. Actually, we just finished a new WhoMadeWho album. So, for me it means I am going to tour with the band for the next 1,5 year. Then I will slowly start making a new album with Jenny again.

Jenny: I have to finish my solo album still. I am in the process of finishing it, but it is not completely done yet. But yes, we are doing kind of separate things now for a while and then we will come back to focus on this project again. This is going to be interesting, as already slowly conversations are starting about what kind of album we want to make next.

Tomas: Yes, this is especially interesting, as this actually really just started out as a one-off. Then we decided to make one album. But then we saw what happened. For me, this last tour and also quite successful gigs in Denmark and Switzerland made me think that this really makes sense. Because, you know, you make a lot of music, but then if no one listens to it, it’s just stupid. But after this I think, that it makes sense to make another album. So, we are looking forward to it.

But this means also that you won’t play together for a while now?

Tomas: Yeah, we are not going to play concerts together for some time.

Jenny: Yes, this night is actually the last one for a long while. But I feel this tour is definitely a nice way to end this for a while.

One last question – if you look at the Danish music market. Is there anyone you are especially interested in at the moment?

Jenny: I am really excited about a band called Farveblind. They just released their first single yesterday. I was so lucky because I saw their first concert and they are really young. But I’ve been following them since then and I think they are growing into really cool producers. I am pretty excited about that.

Tomas: Kenton Slash Demon. That is the only one. It just sounds really good what they do.

For all of you, who can’t wait to hear new stuff of the unbeatable duo Lydmor & Bon Homme, still treat yourself with some of their greatest songs from the last album:

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