Photo by Rikke Kolding

photo by Rikke Kolding

Farveblind is a Copenhagen-based duo that chose Friday 13th to release their new single “Wasteful Talk” and show the world that 2017 can totally be their year! The song made quite an impression on us here at Good because Danish. From many different reasons.

Arletta and Pawel from GbD TEAM share theirs with you below. Check out if Farveblind’s “Wasteful Talk” will impress you too.



Beginning the new year can be exhausting. And also – disappointing. All those expectations and new year’s resolutions… they can be gone band killed before January ends. Fortunately, my expectation of hearing a solid dose of energetic electronic music in 2017 is already fulfilling with the new single from Farveblind. “Wasteful Talk” has the beat that can conquer radio stations, the mystery that will make you come back to the track over and over again and – the roughness which is unforgettable.

There is something about Farveblind, that makes them sweet and dangerous at the same time. Heavy and joyful.

And they prove that electronic music can stay electronic and be appealing still. You know what I mean? There doesn’t have to be any dream pop, rock or other influences heard, to make electronic music attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of mixing the genres, but sometimes hearing a song like “Wasteful Talk” is refreshing. 

Farveblind managed to be a young new project that brings back old-school electronic sounds to life with freshness!

At the beginning of this year we’ve got a debut single released by new faces of Danish music collective Lydtaet. If you know their current “children” – Spring & I, Tunnelvision or Ulrikke – you can already expect a composition produced with  super clean-sounding  studio quality. And you are not wrong. Farveblind’s debut song “Wasteful Talk” seems to be ready to hit radio channels and is a song produced on the highest level.

There’s nothing too ambitious here in the sonic sense, but that doesn’t take away the fact that the well-mastered beats make the song worth listen to at least once. With vocal assistance from singer Clea, “Wasteful Talk” takes on an extremely modern peak. She effortlessly shares the vibe inspired by vivacious electronic music and dance with the listener. All together, the vocals and beast of “Wasteful Talk” emanate with some groove shades that can make you think of such names as Grimes, Flume and Tame Impala.

If you’ve been waiting for a fresh piece to take on 2017’s journeys, this is the song that would be an alluring association. I truly hope to hear more of similarly great work from them soon!

Listen to “Wasteful Talk” on different streaming services and don’t miss the video clip to the song on YouTube.

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