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I’ve decided that even though 2016 was a great year for women – in music and everywhere else (except the American presidential election) – 2017 should just be even greater. And that’s why I’ve chosen to present to you the Danish freestyle rapper Anna Vigsø.

Anna Vigsø is a pretty big deal in Denmark at the moment and is predicted to get a lot of attention this year so why shouldn’t she get a lot attention from people abroad too? She’s the first women, since the Danish rapper Natasja (rest in peace), to ever qualify to participate in the Danish rap competition MC’s Fight Night in 2010 and at that time she was only 16.

While spending a lot of time in the male dominant world of hip hop, she hasn’t bowed to any man. Watching several of her Rap Slam Battles on YouTube (which often are introduced as “a battle of the sexes” or “vagina vs. penis” since she always competes against men) it’s clear that she can cut anyone down to size and it’s great to have a female representative in the Danish hip hop scene.

Last year (the 7. August 2016) she released her debut EP called “Under Overfalden meaning “Below the Surface” which is produced in collaboration with DJ Noize and together they have created an EP with 5 lækre (Danish word for delicious) tracks.

The tracks are all characterized by combing Anna Vigsø’s tight rap with a jazzy vibe + hooks sung by Nathalie Hallundbæk. All songs are written by Anna herself and take up subjects such as femininity, sex, lust, death and taboo topics such as being in love with your father in law (which is addressed in the song “Guld”).

If you are interested – which I think you should be – take a listen. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics (since they are sung and rapped in Danish), the jazzy beats will (you guessed it) make you want to get up and dance!

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