If you are sitting down, now is the time to get up from your seat, stand up and dance! With that statement, I welcome you to another post from moi, Anne Sofie, for Good because Danish! A pleasure to have you reading the blog!

This post is all about the up and coming Danish trio: Off Bloom. The Danish public was first introduced to the band at the Danish music award show “P3 Guld” where they performed the single “Love To Hate It”. But even though the band is newly introduced, they are not “new” in the business, ’cause guess what? They already signed with Universal aaaaaaand they have well known friends in the business such as Liss, Vera and Kill J.

When I heard them performing at P3 Guld I immediately thought about another very well know Danish singer who you probably know: MØ. And if that wasn’t enough, the lead singer’s style – both when it comes to clothes and hair – will make you long for “the good old days” when Spice Girls ruled the world. Off Bloom gives us edgy synth pop with electric, screechy tunes mixed with Asian sounds that make me want to twist like a contortionist. And it will make you want to do it as well, so give them a listen! Other than “Love To Hate It” the singles “Marie”, “Orchid”, “Air” and “Thorns” are out and they are all on SoundCloud (obviously).

If you want to know more about Off Bloom, their music, whereabouts and much more, you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Guest Blogger: Anne Sofie Parker Hjort

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