We are approaching Christmas – with fast steps. And time seems to be flying, everyone just seems to move with a faster pace. Getting everything ready, baking, cooking, wrapping presents – or even still running around for last minute shopping. All this pace overloaded with the pressure to be happy, shiny and joyful non-stop. But when you look closer it is often so, that you don’t even have a moment to breathe, to stop and just think about the past year, the next year and how you feel. Those are the moments when you need music. Good music. And one song, that can really be a strong companion in these moments is “I Remember the Darkness” by Anna Scharling feat. Michael Møller.

If you are following us regularly, then you know, that we have been fond of Anna Scharling for quite some time already. When listening to her self titled EP we were already impressed by her glass-clear voice and meaningful lyrics. But this new song is one of the kind that reminds you that you really like that artist, even if you maybe haven’t listened to her for some months before that song appeared. The slow-paced, a bit gloomy but very emotional duet with singer songwriter Michael Møller goes deep down right from the start and you will have it on repeat before you even notice. And then you will find yourself listening to the song again and again for the next few hours, I am sure.

“And we’re still there, too tired to cry” – is one of the more touching lines in the song, that makes you breathe and have a moment for yourself when everything gets a bit too wild, too exhausting or too fast. Besides the lyrics, “I Remember the Darkness” convinces with a very soft and melodic tone and the perfect harmony between Anna’s and Michael’s voices. They seem to be the perfect addition one for the other and just float along with the track’s tone and message.

Being a little preview on Anna Scharling’s debut album in early 2017 the track makes you impatient to hear more – so be sure, we can look forward to a new Danish gem in February! If you want to fill up your need for a strong companion song through the winter times, listen and watch now.

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