We know it’s still Autumn, but our thoughts go to winter and Christmas time already. This longing increases rapidly while listening to “So You’re Not Alone” – the new single from In Memoirs.

If you were looking for Christmas time anthem of 2017, your search is over. With his new, soft and spirited song Morten Fillipsen alias In Memoirs – opens up the land of pop wonders to anybody who wants to listen to him.

In Memoirs music is very straightforward, honest and not scared of discovering the advantages of pop. Like in the new single. There is something big and elusively beautiful and something prosaic and hopeful in “So You’re Not Alone”. The song is like hearing “It will all be fine” in times of need – a phrase that doesn’t really change anything, but can give so much. Just like the new In Memoirs song.

It’s a second single from the upcoming debut album “Love, Dreams and Sunsets”, to be released sometime at the beginning of 2017. We’re looking forward to it and in the meantime – we enjoy the soft, lovely sound of the new song.

Some of you may say “So You’re Not Alone” sounds “corny”. To those of you I answer with words from the scene of “Holiday” movie (by which we stay in Christmas mood) – where Kate Winslet says “I love corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.”

So do I. And I find a little bit of it – in the best possible meaning of the word – in In Memoirs music. Find it with me.

Stream “So You’re Not Alone” on Spotify and watch the video clip to it on YouTube.

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