Not such a long time ago could we, beautiful people, experienced and seen a Supermoon that shone for us brightly on the sky. You, our dear listeners, deserve even more enjoyable impressions and that’s why we’d decided to compile a Hygge Mix, which will let you cope with cloudy weather and I-am-down-in-the-dumps days. Let’s grab a bite of these delicious sounds together!

Here’s everything you need to do: put your mind at rest and let your craze for good Danish music (and music in general) float in the space. Masasolo thought she loved him, but we’re certainly in love with him. Navneløs wanders the streets innocent with no trousers on, but we definitely don’t want you to get a cold. Silvester’s wonderful song absorbs like infinity of the ocean and Jacob Faurholt sings about his future wife. That’s only a tiny part of what you’ll hear on the playlist.

There are both new, this year’s releases (e.g. Hey Way, M.I.L.K) and a bit older ones (Eggs Laid By Tigers or WhoMadeWho). It’s not a long playlist, but it’s for sure enough to make it easier for you to survive this gloomy period of low spirit and states of inertia.

1. Masasolo – “Really Thought She Loved Me”
2. Navneløs – “Bukseløs”
3. Silvester – “Oceans”
4. Jacob Faurholt – “Future Wife”
5. Another Juggle – “Not Now”
6. M.I.L.K – “If we want to”
7. Hey Way – “Fast But Slow”
8. Tidlige Armbånd – “Jeg Kunne Dig Rigtig Godt”
9. Eggs Laid By Tigers – “The Molls”
10. WhoMadeWho – “Keep Me In My Plane”

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