from-dk-with-rnb-love-panelMont Jake - Shadow EP

Fresh out of Denmark, I present to you a new luscious hip hop’ish tunes from the amazing: Mont Jake.

To start out, I would like to say that the identity of the band/rapper/project has been a total secret, but after thorough research (… kidding, I just Googled), reading other media’s conspiracy theories and after listening to a group with a similar name – Mont Oliver – it wasn’t hard to connect the dots. Lastly the lead singer of Mont Oliver (surprise surprise), Jacob Hammershøj, has also come out and told a bit about the project on Soundvenue – so no more need for secrecy.

Mont Jake has given us the EP “Shadow” with 4 songs – released as the first one “I Had Music”, which was closely followed by titled “Shadow”, “This Goes On” and lastly: “Pearly Cloud” which all give us a laid back, simple melodies and drum snare patterns spiced up with both Jacob Hammershøj’s high-pitched (not in a bad way!) vocals and – as a cherry on top – guest appearances of rappers such as MastaKilla, Assassin and Bryn The First. For a hip hop/R’n’B-loving girl as myself it is an absolute privilege to bob my head to Mont Jake’s tunes, especially when international artist – whose voices spike recognition – are featured.

At the moment Mont Jake can be experienced live in London, United Kingdom, so if you are there, check it out! I would! And since I live in Copenhagen, am a student and don’t have money to travel, I will patiently wait until Mont Jake comes (back) to Denmark and for the next soon-to-come release in 2017.

Stream “Shadow” EP on Spotify.

Guest Blogger: Anne Sofie Parker Hjort

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