An electronic album needs to have the right flow, that makes you go “wow!”. “Fixion” – the new release from Trentemøller definitely has it. At least for me.

Most of the people who like electronic music and listen to it know the name Trentemøller well. I guess he is one of the most recognizable Danish musicians (I might be wrong though!). No matter if it’s true or not, one thing is certain – once you have heard Trentemøller’s composition, you will recognize him at any time.

His musical charisma and style come back on “Fixion”, but slightly twisted and changed. Dark, deep sound, musical constructions of beats made with delicacy and class; the touch of melancholy and the feeling of rage hiding under the surface of the melody – songs on the new Trentemøller‘s album are that and much more.

However, in my opinion, “Fixion” is not a record for everyone. If you are a fan of Trentemøller, but you are open for experiments – you will find something for yourself there. But it is not a release like the others. There is a hint of the industrial sound coming out of the songs stronger than on previous records. And – as a huge fan of the industrial phase of Depeche Mode’s music – I like it. I like how it gives space to the melodies, how it works to build tension, how it makes the songs “angry” in a way.

“Fixion” requires attention. It is like a big book full of plans and measurements. If you look at it the right way, you see the magnificent musical building taking shape. But it takes time, imagination and effort.

An effort worth taking, if you ask me.

Give it a try and stream Trentemøller’s new album “Fixion” on various online streaming channels.

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