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Danish music scene is definitely a very vivid and interesting one (otherwise Good because Danish wouldn’t exist!). There are a lot of hopes and bands with great international potential in the country. Now it’s about time for Poland – with its own interesting music industry – to find out what Denmark truly has to offer!

The chance to see it will be on the 10. November 2016 in Warsaw, where Music Export Denmark, along with befriended organizations, will bring four Danish acts to show the potential of Denmark during a showcase event SPOT on Denmark in Warsaw, happening at venue NIEBO.

The line-up includes two acts which are getting a lot of international recognition lately: Blondage and Sekuoia, as well as two completely unknown names (even for us) Kalaha and Bremer/McCoy. It seems like a great example of collaborative work and we absolutely cannot wait to see all acts!

SPOT on Denmark in Warsaw from A to Z

BLONDAGE is the Danish pop-duo Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen based in Copenhagen. Previusly known as Rangleklods. They completely reshaped their unique style and started to play something fresh, exciting and more catchy.

BREMER MCCOY is the jazz-dub-electronic duo consists of musicians Jonathan Bremer and Morten McCoy. We’re not exactly sure what to expect of them, but we don’t think the jazz madness would hurt.

KALAHA is the Danish quartet consists of highly experienced instrumentalists like Emil De Waal (drummer), Niclas Knudsen (guitarist) and two electronic producers like Spejderrobot and Rumpistol. Their music space is located somewhere between jazz, afrobeat and electronic music.

SEKUOIA is the monikier of the young Danish electronic musician and producer Patrick Alexander Bech Madsen. Check out more notes about his music.


SPOT on Denmark in Warsaw
10.11.2016 – Warsaw: NIEBO – Event on Facebook

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