Munich on a typical autumn evening, a tiny venue, a yummy drink, laid-back atmosphere and a woman. A woman from Denmark, a woman with a very strong voice and a woman with even more personal background behind her songs: Line Bøgh.

Sometimes it is very hard for artists to play in very small, crowded venues that are mainly cafés or restaurants and not only locations where concerts take place. People keep talking, keep eating and are usually not only there to see the artist. The more surprising it was, that for Line it wasn’t hard.

Spreading the Danish vibe while telling more about her background in Jylland or astonishing with her clear and compelling voice made it easy to connect with her and she was constantly able to keep in touch with the audience. Learning more about the origins of her songs meant learning more about Line – and meant connecting more with the person behind the songs.

Starting off with “Early in the morning” Line, who is based in Copenhagen, took us through her current album “Something else and something else and something else again”. Before listening to songs like “The firemen” or “The concrete glitters” she let us know more about her hometown, childhood and early teenage years. More well-known songs like “Fix me” or “We all wanna fall in love” tell more stories about her ideas, thoughts and experience.

While getting to know Line better and learning more about her feelings and characteristics it became more and more clear to us why the Danish newspaper “Fyens Stiftidende” wrote about her “Line Bøgh is not afraid to challenge the conventional form and expression of pop music”. Because this is what can be felt every second when you listen to her!

So, whenever you get the chance – go and see Line Bøgh and you will have a calm, but intense evening of wonderful Danish music. It will not only make you smile because of Line’s clear voice and harmonic tones, but will also make you think – and feel.

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