It was worth the wait. After a silence of three long years Agnes Obel delighted us already with two singles from the upcoming album “Familiar” (premiere: 21. October 2016). After the title composition from the album, the second one came to our ears.

Simone and Pawel from GbD TEAM share their thoughts about both – the song and the video clip to the new Agnes Obel single “Golden Green” with you below. Check which one is closer to your own feelings…



Agnes Obel shows with the second single of her new album “how the mind can develop stories and change reality whilst under the influence of envy”, as she explains it. Being inspired by the book “Envy” by novelist Yuri Olesha she transforms the song’s theme in a world full of imagination and emotions. With its soft and peaceful but almost hymn-like tunes the track convinces from the first moment on.

“Golden Green” makes you forget where you are and surrounds you with a very unique and emotional atmosphere. Similar to the first song of the new album also this one manages to make you feel very at home in Agnes’ world and you don’t want this feeling to stop.

But hey, we don’t have to stop because luckily there is always the repeat button or even better: we have the chance to see Agnes Obel and her new songs live during her upcoming autumn tour.

Beware, an emotional autumn lies ahead of us.

Agnes Obel is never disappointing us and is one of those rare artists that can do no wrong. When I’ve watched her brand new video to “Golden Green” for the first time I was speechless. Words just aren’t enough for this. This is art!

When I look back on her previous releases they all have meaning, they all are sensual and nostalgic. The new material is somehow very distinct from what we’ve seen yet and seems to be even more unusual and private.

“Golden Green” single reminds me a little bit of lady Kate Bush influences. Agnes is well-know with her great piano accompaniment, but this time she limited myself to minimal equipment and gentle instruments like cymbals. The tune explores more psychedelic space what we can see and feel on brilliant, well-produced video. Thus, she brutally grabs the listener to her intimate world from the first seconds. You are not able to escape, her transcendental vocal captivates downright.

After listening to “Golden Green” and watching the video clip, we are excited more than ever to check out the full album when it arrives in mid-October!

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