When it comes to music world, the end of summer is always exciting, as there is all this new music coming out. New singles, new albums AND – new bands. Like Mantuathe new Copenhagen-based trio that just released their first single “Feel The Wheels”. We do feel they will deliver us some really good tunes in the future.

You might know the voice you hear singing in “Feel The Wheels”, since it belongs to Silas Bjerregaard Lassen from Turboweekend. But that’s not the only cool thing about Mantua. The other is – the gentle, yet rock image of the band, filled out with edge and melancholy, really cleverly mixed and balanced.

Sometimes it is all about the music, sometimes it’s all about the lyrics, when it comes to Mantua’s first single “Feel The Wheels” – it’s all about this special moment of your life, when this particular song simply fits in like no other. The time of change, which means losing something, but also – hope for new beginning to be a good one.

Songs like “Feel The Wheels” can tell many stories – each of us can hear a different one. But each of us will also hear the melancholy mixed with hope. Each of us can fall into this song and look for support and comfort. And don’t we all need it from time to time, for someone to tell us “I know life is hard sometimes, but you will make it and it will all be alright”“Feel The Wheels” says it. But it also gives us a warning – watch out for your actions, because some things can’t be undone.

Check out what you hear in Mantua‘s first single, stream “Feel The Wheel” on different platforms and watch the video clip on YouTube.

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