Bittersweet pop, driving, danceable beats and eccentric live shows  – that is what we all have in mind when thinking about the current Danish dream team Lydmor & Bon Homme. But then, there is the newly launched acoustic version ofMissed Out On Disco”, one of the tracks of their album “Seven Dreams of Fire”, and then there you feel something else. Then you feel emotion. Pure emotion.  

You listen to the line “Screw this and let’s just run forever” and feel like singing back “yes, let’s do it, let’s run. Now.” Jenny and Tomas, the two brains and faces behind Lydmor & Bon Homme seem almost unbeatable this year, especially when it comes to transporting emotions. These feelings might be hidden by pounding beats, they might be surrounded by captivating synths. But in the case of this new acoustic version they seem very pure, very open. It seems like both Jenny and Tomas are pouring their hearts out on us and we are in between of it all.

And as it seems, “Missed Out On Disco” in the acoustic version is only the start because we are lucky enough to get more of all this. On 7. October we are expecting a new, beautifully arranged acoustic-only release of some selected songs of their album. So, October, could you please come fast – we can’t wait to hear more!

Luckily this new release won’t be the end of the new Lydmor & Bon Homme magic because also a tour is coming. In early 2017 they will be around Denmark and Germany again – better have a look at the tour dates soon!

And now: time to hit the play button and listen to some Danish magic on YouTube!

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