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At Good because Danish we are all lovers of good music – especially when it’s Danish :) This common affection got us together with the German blog and radio show Soundkartell, which spread the word about good music – including Danish music – in German.

We are very excited to pass on the news about a very special initiative from Soundkartell:  The first Soundkartell Night – an evening of live music which will happen in Munich on the 15. September 2016!

The show will take place at Substanz club and Soundkartell will host four great acts: German heavy rock band Take Off Your Shirts and pop act Lampe, Austrian rock’n’roll’er Jay Cooper and – Danish alternative folk artist Burning Velvet.

The whole night will be mixing different genres of music, coming from different countries – giving the audience a truly remarkable chance for a musical trip to interesting landscapes of sounds.

How did the idea of Soundkartell Night(s? :) ) started, what is the blog itself, how were the bands chosen? We had a little chat with Niklas Kartellsen – the founder and head of Soundkartell and asked him all those questions and more. Read the interview below and if you’re in Munich on the 15. September – definitely step by Substanz club to have some fun and listen to some good live music, chosen by Soundkartell!

Good because Danish: First of all, please tell us a little bit about Soundkartell, how did you start the project, what is it about, how did it develop?

Niklas Kartellsen: It all started in 2012 as a friend of mine told me to write a blog, and I had no idea about what. Then he was the one who gave me the hint to found a music blog for Bavarian bands. And after the last four years it developed to a fulltime-hobby. With an own weekly podcast and daily operating expenses of around four hours/day. Since two or three years I’m concentrating on Danish, Scandinavian and of course still the local Bavarian scene.

This September you organize the first Soundkartell Night, can you tell us more about the event?

Indeed it is the first event “under the roof” of Soundkartell. Organizing events is not that new to me, but to organize a whole evening fully packed with live music and very interesting bands, this is completely new and exciting. The idea behind Soundkartell Night is to let national, local and international bands play in a very cozy and super pleasant venue – which the Substanz in the heart of Munich is. There will be four acts performing. Burning Velvet, who is a fantastic songwriter from Svendbord, Denmark. Lampe – he is a very funny pop-songwriter who only has a very intelligent German lyrics to his songs and adds some kind of weirdness to them. Last but not least –  the upcoming heavy-rock band from Regensburg, Take Off Your Shirts, and the very cool rock’n’roll’er Jay Cooper from Vienna. As you can see the line-up is very diverse!
And very important fact: the whole entrance fee will go to the bands!!!

What was the key to choose the acts playing at Soundkartell Night?

Hmm, the key was to set up a line-up with promising newcomers. And it should be very diverse and variable in the sound as well. So this night we have one loud band – Take Off Your Shirts, one funny act – Lampe, one very promising rock’n’roll’er – Jay Cooper and the fantastic folk singer-songwriter – Burning Velvet.

There is a Danish act in the line-up of the event: Burning Velvet. Why did you choose this artists from Denmark?

Well the focus on my music blog is Denmark and the Scandinavian area. So it was obvious to give one, two or more acts from Scandinavia a chance to get a gig – maybe their first one ever – in Germany. I hope Burning Velvet will enjoy the evening as we will do, too. It will be his first concert in Germany. So I hope the Soundkartell Night will give a chance to all the interesting and promising bands out there in Denmark to show their potential to German audience!

What is the most exciting thing for you to look for, as the organizer of the show?

Before the event will start, I will be very excited for sure, I already am! But I think the most exciting moment will be the opening and to see that a lot of visitors will get inspired by the new exciting music they’ve maybe never heard before. And of course the moment to see that a lot of people will come and have a good night as we will do with the artists and all the people around who are organizing this event.

What are Soundkartell’s plans for the future?

There are many goals. First of all I will establish the Soundkartell Night with a second, third or maybe a lot more Soundkartell Nights in the nearest future. And Soundkartell should be there for many more readers, bands and independent labels from all over the world. I want it to grow as a platform for sure and to offer many people an added value. Even if this is only one music tip the day.


Soundkartell Night #1
15.09.2016 – Munich (GER): Substanz  – Event on Facebook

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