photo by Hugo Jozwicki

Photo by Hugo Jozwicki

Oh me, oh my… the Danish pop music scene is going crazy these days! Bringing to live amazing amount of quality artists, having love affairs with classical music… and in case of the new single from Noréll – getting married with electro sounds. A child of this last combination by Noréll is the trio’s brand new single “Howl”. It’s a beautiful kid!

Viktor Hagner, Marìe Louise Persson Bjarnarson and Nichlas Malling performing under the name Noréll, have set up a strong, characteristic tone for their songs from the very beginning. As they describe their music:

“Noréll’s heart is deeply rooted in Scandinavia. The band plays with opposites, mixes genres, and invite the listener to enter their universe. The point of departure is scandi-pop with strong and characteristic female vocals, built up by energetic and edgy alt-pop productions, inspired by both hip hop and Chicago house.

You can definitely hear it all in “Howl”. A deep echo of Robyn is hidden in Marìe’s vocals. The scratchy, raw beat (which would make Röyksopp very happy) gives the song its edge. All in all the new piece from Noréll is a tasty, nicely wrapped and served composition. A composition that  leaves us with one question: how they sound like live? You’ll be able to find out if you’re in Copenhagen in October, when the band will play a show at VEGA.

Before that you can stream “Howl” on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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