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Summer is a magical time – a time when one finally has more time to sit down and listen through all the amazing releases of the past months. In our SUMMER CATCH-UP series we will look back and share some posts about releases that we really wanted to write about earlier, but… life got in the way :) Now it’s summer, holiday time and we can finally get to do it right!

phlake – “Slush Hours”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Chet Faker and Flume have competition! And hey, The Weeknd, keep your eyes and ears open, too! Why? Because phlake are coming and they are coming strong with their debut album “Slush Hours”.

The twelve compositions from the duo are the perfect soundtrack for the summer. Smooth, easy-going R’n’B beats, delicate, hypnotizing vocals and a funky twist here and there – “Slush Hours” shows us that there is still a good music to chill out to!

There is some sort of nostalgy hidden in tracks like “Moldavia” or “Like You”phlake reach to the roots of R’n’B and pop music, taking the trade marks of these genres and cleverly using them to build compositions that are smooth as silk and as sexy as a superstar sun-bathing topless on the beach (that might sound sexist, but I’m a girl, so I guess I can write it? Anyway, you know what I mean…).

There are a lot of good songs on “Slush Hours”: the sweet and lovely “Pregnant”, “Stallin'” with serious Jamie Woon vibes, “Breakup Business” that’s sending waves of sexiness our way, “Dress Off” – a song Mr. Timberlake has to listen to… but with “Angel Zoo” phlake simply nailed it! The single has everything it takes to be a true summer hit – for this and many upcoming summers.

phlake’s debut “Slush Hours” is like ice-cream with pieces of Oreos in it (as they sing in “Pregnant”) – sweet, mighty tasty and as smooth as possible. What’s probably most important – it leaves us happy and… hungry for more!

Listen to the album on Spofity and if you’re in Denmark this summer, catch phlake live on one of the summer festivals or during their autumn tour.

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