March The Moon - Firsts

I’m writing this post on a cold, windy and rainy night (where did the summer go? Definitely far away from Poland at this moment!). Days and nights like this one remind me that there is at least one good thing coming out of getting cold and soaking wet from pouring rain. You can come back home, dive into bed and dig into sensual, experimental music… all that to find a gem like March The Moon‘s double single “Firsts”

The vibrant lane of electronic music, the gentle touches of beats here and there… “Train With A Story” and “Dreaming While Drowning” from the release are not songs for shiny happy summer days. They are made for rainy weather. Melancholy, fragileness and distance come out of every tune, along with… curiosity.

Listening to the two songs from “Firsts” reminds me of going to an aquarium. There is something hauntingly beautiful in seeing how life under water looks like… it mesmerizes, interests, fascinates, but also – disturbs and scares a little bit. So does the music of March The Moon. The listener is attracted, but can’t really touch it and knows deep inside that there is some sort of a beast hidden deep inside the water of sounds.

March The Moon describes his project as “Reverb-drenched, ambient electronica with beautiful beats”. And that’s all you need to know. The next step is simply turning on the music and flying away with the sounds.

Stream the double single “Firsts” on SoundCloud.

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