Agnes Obel - Familiar

“Finally!” – this was my first thought when I heard about the announcement of Agnes Obel’s new song “Familiar”. As soon as it was available, it took me only seconds to hit play and then only a few seconds more to be back in my personal “Agnes Obel-world” which means: totally caught by the track, feeling like floating in thoughts and emotions and just forget work, busy times or stressful thoughts for a moment and just be with the song.

I bet you can guess it already – yes, I do like her new song! “Familiar” is the first new track from Agnes Obel since her last album “Aventine” which was published in 2013. So, it took her a while to come out with something new, but hey – the result was definitely worth the wait! The new song is a first preview of the upcoming album “Citizen of Glass” (premiere: 21. October 2016).

“Familiar” starts a bit slow, and as it is almost typically for Agnes, quite peaceful. It seems as if the song is mainly busy with spreading a calm and almost cinematic atmosphere. The deeper you get into the song though the more melodic and epic it gets. Strings meet harps, orchestral elements meet pitch-shifted voice-elements and by then you forgot about the rather peaceful beginning of the song. Like we know it from Agnes, with each line of the lyrics she drags us deeper in the atmosphere of the track. So no wonder I felt rather annoyed when after about four minutes of pleasure I had to leave her world again… good that we are lucky enough to have a repeat-button.

You want to be part of Agnes’ “Familiar”-world too? Then you can either listen to her new track now or be patient enough to see her live during her upcoming tour starting in October.

You can listen to “Familiar” on a streaming service of your choice and watch the video to the song on Vimeo.

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