Trailerpark Festival 2016

We can’t wait for TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2016 – an event that became dear to our hearts since the very first time we attended it…

The lovely artistic event takes place at Copenhagen Skatepark between 28. and 30. July 2016. And it will be special for sure, most of all since it’s Trailerpark’s 10th anniversary this year – but also the festival’s last edition ever!

For this occasion, Good because Danish prepared an overview of Danish artists who performed at this unique event during the last 10 years (including some hot fresh names who are going to play this year!)

Some of them are brand new, some almost true legends. Some of them played the best shows we have ever seen at Trailerpark. Some made their first steps in the music scene there. Some got huge since the time they played at the lovely event, some have changed, developed or don’t exist in that form anymore. Each one of the acts in the mixtape gave the audience of Trailerpark Festival something special to remember. If we could, we would have made a 100-hours-long mixtape to present all of the great artists who have been or will be playing the event, but for now – as a little gift from Good because Danish – we share the mixtape below.

Happy 10th birthday, TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL – we will miss you! <3

1. Reptile Youth – “Speeddance”
2. Slowes – “I Need You”
3. Asbjørn – “The Criminal”
4. CHINAH – “Away From Me”
5. Vinnie Who – “How Can I Be Sure”
6. M.I.L.K. – “Following The Sun”
7. Kasper Bjørke – “Bohemian Soul” (feat. Laid Back)
8. phlake – “Angel Zoo”
9. Lydmor – “Young”
10. LISS – “Sorry”
11. Tomas Barfod – “Pulsing” (feat. Nina K)
12. Trentemøller – “Vamp”
13. EXEC – “Life Is A Liquid”
14. Shadow Age – “Shutter”
15. Cancer – “Body On The Bones”
16. Giana Factory – “Rainbow Girl”

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