Alexander Woods

We are glad to present the brand new track “Woman” by Alexander Woods in a special premiere on Good because Danish today!

Copenhagen-based musician Alexander Woods is a new discovery and we’re introducing his music background for the first time. He is a truly talented singer-songwriter, who has found his voice and sound in warm, soulful electro-rock. His debut EP “Cold Cancer” was released on 16. April 2016. It sounds deliciously towering and romantic, like a blend of Britain’s stars James Bay and Jack Garratt. Likewise, Alexander Woods’ music is based on strong vocal skills and guitar melodies. He is singing about his everyday life and experiences, with honesty being the most important part of his mystic speculations.

Many people think writing a love song should be easy, right? But it’s not easy to write a love song that induces warmth growing in many hearts at the same time. It is in fact a challenge for modern singer-songwriters.

All women should be delighted after the premiere of Alexander Woods’ single “Woman”. The song hits its stride with a beautiful guitar harmony. Placing so much emphasis on a nice melody and simply remarkable lyrics. Alexander demonstrates insightful lyricism atop more spectacular production work. He’s showing off the kind of instrumental songs that could make any great producer in that genre jealous.

There’s no doubt, that if you weren’t a fan of Alexander Woods yet, you certainly will be after you hear this one. Doesn’t matter if you are a female or male listener.

It’s safe to say that with the premiere of this new track, Alexander Woods is about to become one of the biggest new acts across the electro-rock and alternative genres in Denmark. Check out more of his music HERE.

Listen to “Woman” on Spotify, iTunes or SoundCloud:

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